Indoor Worm Bin Composting

If you have a space about 12″(w) x 20″(l) x 15″(h) in some quiet dark corner of your home – you can vermicompost! It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and the worms like to keep to themselves – and eat your bits of raw veggie/fruit plants. What’s not to love?

There are many resources online to help you get started on worm composting – both How To as well as Bins and supplies.

Here are some resources to get you started.

Simple Vermiculture FAQs

Indoor Worm Bin_what to put and not to put in bins

Indoor Worm Bin_C3 Guide

Indoor Worm Bin Composting Toolkit

Indoor Worm Bin_ Shedd Vermicomposting Brochure

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