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FREE Composting Workshop

Do you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle?
Are you concerned about the environment?
How much food scraps and old leftovers are you throwing in the garbage?

Whether your living situation is best suited to compost outdoors, inside with a personal worm bin, or collectively as a multi-unit high rise working with a waste hauling company,  you can turn kitchen scraps into gold…garden gold! This workshop will show you the most effective steps to take. Walk away with a Composting Toolkit and materials to succeed!


WHERE: Daystar Center, 1550 S. State St., 60605

WHEN: March 28, 1-4pm

HOW: Click here to reserve your spot

Have questions? Contact: SouthLoopComposting@gmail.com

Co-sponsored by Chicago Conservation Corps and the Alliance for a Greener South Loop

Visit our Composting, Spring 2015 webpage for more information about composting and details about this event.

Meatless Mondays in March, 2015

Will you join us and go meatless on Mondays in March: March 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30?

Why Meatless Mondays in March? Most people recycle because they know it is good for the environment. But most people don’t know that eating less meat is much more earth-friendly than recycling. Going meatless just one day a week makes a big difference because meat production is both a water- and fossil fuel-intense operation and a major contributor to greenhouse gases – even if it is done organically and locally. (Click here to read more about how eating less meat is good for the environment.)

Greener Awards


Launched five years ago to recognize the progress that South Loop residential buildings/condo associations, businesses, and institutions are making in becoming more environmentally sustainable, the Greener South Loop Awards program was recast this year to reward a creative new idea that engages a local community within the South Loop to go “greener together.”

The South Loop | Greener Together Contest is a small-grant program designed to encourage grass-roots environmental action, wherein community members work together to make an environmental impact. The $1000 prize, funded by lead program sponsors DK Condo and Forth Group Real Estate Management Company, was awarded based on the recommendation of a panel of judges composed of Center for Neighborhood Technology’s Communications Associate Liz Miller and Water Program Coordinator, Sarita Upadhyay, City of Chicago’s Deputy Sustainability Officer and South Loop resident, Aaron Joseph, and United Way – Metropolitan Chicago’s Community Investment Manager Shira Saliman.

Read about our 2013, 201220112010, and
2009 winners.

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